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Line Construction Required

Codington-Clark Electric Co-op will provide electric service, to the maximum practical extent, to all in the Co-op’s service area who apply, subject to the provisions of the Co-op’s bylaws, policies and current operating procedures. The Co-op reserves the right to define practical extent.

Residential Service

When line extension is required to provide service, the Co-op will provide single phase, 120/240-volt electric service for occupied farm and rural residences without requiring any contribution in aid to construction from the applicant.

Non-Residential Service 

For non-residential service requests, the Co-op may extend the Co-op’s primary or secondary line; provided, the applicant signs a five-year contract, which will provide the Co-op an opportunity to recover its investment. The Co-op may require a deposit of any amount, not to exceed the Co-op’s cost to extend the line, payable before line extension construction begins. Upon completion of construction and using established billing procedures, an amount will be deducted from the deposit and credited to the bills rendered for electric service, as long as a deposit balance remains. If service is terminated at the request of the member, the member will forfeit and the Co-op will retain any deposit balance.

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Temporary Service

The Co-op may furnish temporary electric service to an applicant who agrees to:

  1. Pay all costs of building and removing the service, less any material salvage the Cooperative may have; and
  2. Pay for energy used in accordance with the applicable rate; and
  3. Make a deposit of an amount determined by the Cooperative sufficient to ensure payment.
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